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Adobe Issues Emergency Update to Flash Player Due to Ransomware Attacks

Adobe Issues Emergency Update to Flash Player Due to Ransomware Attacks

adobe_hackStill widely used by many websites, Adobe Flash Player has been subject to a number of vulnerabilities and attacks.  One of the many reasons why many have moved on the HTML5 as an alternative to Flash for their web content.  Late Thursday, Adobe issued an emergency update on Thursday to its widely used Flash software for Internet browsers after researchers discovered a security flaw that was being exploited to deliver ransomware to Windows PCs.  I wrote last month about some ransomware affecting Macintosh computers and ways to protect yourselves.

Hackers are getting more constructive in the manner in which they deliver their payloads to our computers, so we must be diligent in the way(s) we go about protecting ourselves.  If you haven’t done so already, you should immediately install the latest Flash Player update to fix the flaw allowing for this latest exploit.  Get the latest flash player version from Adobe’s website.  The link to that site is included below:

If you are unaware, installation of Adobe products such as Flash or Adobe Reader will attempt to automatically install some optional products.  I always recommend unchecking the boxes for the optional software (in the middle box, to the left of the “terms and conditions” on the download page.

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